Monday, January 20, 2014

Cheetahmen 2, only $15,000

I came across a currently active eBay auction that you guys might find interesting:

Here's a link to the post, it may expire or be archived some day soon and be rendered useless so I also printed it to PDF here.

A very fine and VGA 80 graded example of a Cheetahmen 2 NES cart. Very little information is posted about the item except that "Game is brand new,sealed,untouched by human hands and sealed in a custom acrylic case" and includes Free Shipping.

Looks like the seller "bowlingjesus" is mostly a buyer of vintage and retro games including Atari 2600 (my favorite) with 282 feedback @ 100%.

I'll ditto what I've said before, I think this is great for the vintage gaming community. The fact that such an item could sell for US$15,000 is a testament to the strength and value of vintage gaming memorabilia. Congratulations to the seller, AND the lucky winner if it sells for that price, or best offer !

I've enabled comments to this post and depending on the response may continue to do so for any future posts so feel free to chime in !

More to come as the future unfolds,
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