Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthplace of Action 52

With all the excitement of the auction, blog, and so much interest in the Action 52 Prototype and story behind it, I took the time this week to go by what I now affectionately will call "The Cave". "The Cave" is where 3 other guys and I developed the Action 52 games. A place where sunshine was absent for 3 months. The birthplace of Action 52, the legendary NES cartridge.

It's in South Florida, Miami to be exact. Thinking back, I remember the elevator had an actual working phone you could use to make local calls. We'd have to use it sometimes to call The Cave because after 6-7PM the elevator was locked and wouldn't let you push the floor numbers without a key so sometimes we'd get stuck downstairs trying to get up to The Cave. One of us would have to call the elevator up to let the others up. Once up the elevator, we'd walk down the hall and open the office door only to be presented with an iron gate. Past the gate there was a small reception area with a desk. Then a door leading to the workspace\studio which also had a small vocal\isolation room built out that was being used for storage.

I got the current tenants to let me take a picture from within the space. A little weird asking and explaining why I wanted the picture. I didn't push my luck and just asked if I could take a window shot so they wouldn't freak. Of course it's a window shot and we all know from my story that it was actually a recording studio full of sound dampening insulation covering the walls for 95% of the time we were there.

Here are some shots from the outside.

The elevator to go up.

The elevator from that floor to go back down.

The Office door

The inside the office window shot.

More to come as the future unfolds.

Yours Truly,
Action 52 Developer #4