The Prototype

The most controversial cart in the history of gaming.

Anyone viewing this will know its place in gaming history and the ruckus it has stirred up in forums, blogs, and chat rooms all over the Internet.

Shrouded in secrecy and controversy, released in the golden age of Nintendo gaming, so many assumptions, speculations, and myths have been formed since the release of the production cart that it has created a following far beyond what anyone ever expected. Even the gamers that criticize this cart only do so because they're obsessed with it.

This Prototype is the rarest vintage gaming artifact you will find or ever own.

The first was one was discovered in 2010. This one is the only other one that has ever surfaced worldwide.

Presenting, the Active Enterprises,


Official Cart Details:
The Ultimate Challenge

52 Games In One Cartridge

Get 52 "New and Original" exciting games for play on your Nintendo System. Try to get Billy Bob out of the dungeon where he is imprisoned, to save MARYLOU. Go along with the ACTION GAMEMASTER as he changes into one of the fearsome CHEETAHMEN to try to defeat all of the ACTION 52 evil attackers. These two games plus an additional 50 games on this one "Multi-GamePak" will keep you entertained for a long time.

Game List
1. Fire Breathers
2. Star Evil
3. Illuminator
4. G-Force Fighters
5. Ooze
6. Silver Sword
7. Critical Bypass
8. Jupiter Scope
9. Alfredo and The Fettucini
10. Operation Full-Moon
11. Dam Busters
12. Thrusters
13. Haunted Halls of Wentworth
14. Chill Out
15. Sharks
16. Megalonia
17. French Baker
18. Atmos Quake
19. Meong
20. Space Dreams
21. Streemerz
22. Spread-Fire
23. Bubblegum Rosie
24. Micro-Mike
25. Underground
26. Rocket Jockey
27. Non Human
28. Cry Baby
29. Slashers
30. Crazy Shuffle
31. Fuzz Power
32. Shooting Gallery
33. Lollipops
34. Evil Empire
35. Sombreros
36. Storm Over the Desert
37. Mash Man
38. They Came...
39. Lazer League
40. Billy-Bob
41. City of Doom
42. Bits and Pieces
43. Beeps and Blips
44. Manchester Beat
45. The Boss
46. Dedant
47. Hambo's Adventures
48. Time Warp Tickers
49. Jigsaw
50. Ninja Assault
51. Robbie and the Robots
52. Action Gamer

What makes this cart different from ALL others in existence ?
1. The cart’s plastic casing is held together with metal screws. Most Action 52 carts contained no screws whatsoever and instead were held together with something like clear plastic rivets. It makes sense to start with hand-built prototypes that could be assembled and disassembled quickly by hand.
2. The PCB (printed circuit board) is a unique blue color. Normally, they’re green and sometimes (although less commonly) black. The label is also blue, while all other known labels are clear.
3. "Made in America" appears to be hand stamped on the PCB (printed circuit board) rather than being factory printed.
4. Board is 3/4 inches shorter than others.
5. It does not utilize capacitors as do the other versions. The capacitor was generally used to defeat Nintendo’s lock-out chip and wouldn’t be needed in a prototype version.
6. The PCB has EPROMS and no production PROMS. The production carts contained PROMS that are labeled ACTION 52 all other production carts do.
7. Both pieces (top and bottom) come from different molds than the production carts. The arrow and the word TOP is missing in the front; all references to ACTIVE ENTERPRISES, PAT PENDING AND MADE IN U.S.A. are missing from the reverse. The side flanges on the top piece are FLAT instead of curved.

Author: Mark Weber (gamesogre). "What's Rarer: A Prototype Action 52 Cart or a Person Who's Met Vince Perri?". Web. 17 June, 2010.

A) There is no Lights, Camera, Action intro when the cart first starts
B) The menu screens have different backgrounds from the production carts
C) Game #52 Action Gamer does not have the Storyline intro the production carts do
D) I have not run through every game completely and compared it to the production cart so there's a high probability there are many more subtle or obvious differences in game play and content as compared to the production cart.

1. Action 52 Prototype cartridge For NES



2. Action 52 Demo box labeled "SAMPLE, Not for Sale, Demonstration Purposes Only" with foam insert

3. Instruction manual

all items are ORIGINAL.

Other items in the collection include ORIGINAL, irreplaceable, and never before seen Action 52 artwork. After careful consideration, I'm pretty sure these will NOT be included in any future auction or sale:

1. "Get Your Action 52 Here" Poster

2. "Action 52 Presents Cheetahmen" Poster

3. Marketing Flyer (8.5" x 11")

4. Ooze Cash\Scholarship Prize Mailer (8.5" x 11")

So many of you will ask "When\How did you obtain these items ?". My answer is, about 20 years ago, when I helped develop this icon of Nintendo culture that gamers of all ages just hate to love.

This is a very special collection. You will own a piece of gaming history. Action 52 has been more obsessed with and talked about than any other game.

This is the centerpiece of any gaming collection. It belongs in a museum.

Check out the commercial:

The actual release date was September 1991. If you Google Action 52, Active Enterprises, and\or Cheetahmen, you will find tons of information on this infamous project.

Some notes on condition. The cartridge, cartridge holder, and instruction manual are in near mint condition. The box still has a nice sheen to it but the corners, straight edges, top lid, and SAMPLE sticker show wear (see pics). The posters and flyer's are in good condition and have been vacuum pressed and shrink wrapped.

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