Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sharing a few links

Hey all,

It's been a few months but I've been saving a few goodies to share with you. 

1) First is a link to the Action 52 original and OWNS soundtrack, all downloadable by clicking here

Some of the remakes sound AMAZING ! Congrats to all who worked on them.

2) Here's another interesting and funny link to a forum post titled "500 ways Action 52 revolutionized the gaming industry" which can be found here

Some of the "ways" are really, really funny, some serious, others just are just typing whatever just to have their screen name posted on that thread. In any case, read through them, one of my favorites is:

"Cheetahmen invented the ability to crouch, but it was taken out of the game since the Cheetahmen bow to no one."

3) And a Non-Human remake that looks like real fun to play here

And lastly, here are 3 eBay auctions:

1) Action 52 NES Nintendo Complete:

Asking $799.99 + $3.99 shipping for a complete original Action 52 and what looks to be an "orange" PCB cart (probably faded black).

2) Cheetahmen II (2) - Factory Sealed NES Nintendo!

Which was originally posted for $2,250 but didn't sell. Then, reposted and sold for $1,600.

3) Oops, forgot this one

US$6,000 for a Cheetahmen II cart VGA "Super Rare". Dude, $6K ? That's NOT a Prototype.

More to come as the future unfolds,
Action 52 Developer #4